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Driving through the beautiful Valle d’Itria, you will see Ostuni long before you arrive; the vast ‘White City’ rising high above the ocean of olive trees that sweep through this verdant area of Puglia.
Built atop a hill to protect from invaders, Ostuni is a certifiable labyrinth.

A maze of alleyways, staircases and arches, of houses built upon houses, of hundreds of years of history laid out before you in a way no map can truly explain or capture. Dead ends and pretty little gardens, glimpses of the Adriatic sea, green doors and bright blue skies; everything and nothing may lie around the next corner you take.

Ostuni is a city for explorers, and a place to be devoured slowly over a couple of days. It’s a city for historians and for those that simply like to stroll amongst beauty and spontaneous Italian moments.