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Monopoli is a beautiful seaside town reflected on the Adriatic Sea, announced by the profile of the castle Carlo V, now a charming location of exhibitions and conferences, and by its the ancient walls.

The old town is characterized by white houses with balconies full of flowers from whose windows at lunch time come out delicious smells of food. The locals gather in the ancient port – where the water is blue like the small boats called gozzi moored there- to view and buy the catch of the day. Everything is exceptionally fresh and inviting!

In Monopoli there’s a lot to visit: starting from the area around the port, then move on to the old town where stands out the contrast between narrow streets and large squares (Piazza Garibaldi, Piazza Palmieri and Piazza XX Settembre, the most famous). But there are not only buildings in the historic center of Monopoli; to amaze is the large amount of churches. Above all, the Cathedral of Mary of the Santissima della Madia which, together with the Castle of Charles V and the Palazzo Martinelli Meo-Evoli, represents a triptych of historical buildings that must be visited.
In the countryside do not miss the Lama degli Ulivi Botanical Garden, with caves, rupestrian churches and over 2000 Mediterranean plant species.
And then there is the sea!
Although the coast is largely rocky and high waters, there is the exception Capitolo, a fraction of Monopoli that instead offers white beaches and seabed that gently degrade, and therefore more suitable for families with children. The beaches are a lot there and we will be happy to recommend you the best and our favorite ones!