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The hamlet of Locorotondo, whose name comes from the latin expression “locus rotundus” (which means “circular place”), is located on a hill in Valle D’Itria and it is made by a circular conglomerate of white houses decorated with colorful flowers. Every single corner deserves a stop, every little alley is worthed a shot, and moreover the top position on the hill gives a breathtaking view of the surrounding valley.

It is very pleasant to walk around the narrow street of the pedestrian centre, where you can find the most characteristics buildings and many artisan shops and local delicacy stores.

We would highly suggest you to visit Locorotondo during the afternoon, since the golden rays of the sunset make the village even more evocative, especially when walking along the “Lungomare”, which is a panoramic street facing the Valle D’Itria, full of nice restaurants and bars.

Moreover, Locorotondo is part of the “Strade del Vino” itinerary, which literary means “Wine Roads”: in fact, Locorotondo is the birthplace of the Locorotondo Doc, one of the best and most refined white wines of the whole Puglia.
Also, do not miss the marvellous fireworks night on August 16th nor the Madonna Addolorata celebration on September 15th!